For Solo Contractors

Job Management Software That Works for Solo Contractors

Save time and your sanity as you run your solo gig, with features built to give you more control over every job from start to finish.

Workflow Management

Streamline and Optimise your Operations

Tailor your small business operations to meet your specific needs. From on-site approvals to route optimisation, enhance every step of your service delivery.

Quoting & Estimates

Create Precise Estimates and Win More Work

Never lose another job just because you were too busy to send out a quote on time. Secure more jobs with professional and detailed quotes, instantly.

Experience the
i4T Business Difference!

Unlock the platform’s full potential! Dive into some of the most promising features built to transform your field service operations and strengthen customer trust.

Invoicing & Payments

Effortless Invoicing to Get Paid Instantly

For your small business, cash is king! Stop chasing late payments, invoice customers on the spot, and offer multiple payment methods to get paid faster.

Customer Management

Take Customer Interactions to the Next Level

Personalise every interaction, at every customer touchpoint. Manage data effortlessly, track engagements, and offer flexible billing to delight every customer.

Service Ratings & Reviews

Two-way Feedback for Better Business Outcomes

Turn your rating system into a tool that drives continuous improvement and accountability for your customers as well as your business.

Powerful Features Built to Deliver Efficiency at Every Level


Solo Tradesperson

Activity Dashboard

Access real-time updates, prioritise tasks, and gain insights with job reports and revenue snapshots for strategic decision-making.

Lead Generation

Quickly launch your website, boost SEO, and handle every service request from one place.


Company Notifications

Customise alerts to fit your workflow, ensuring vital messages never miss their mark.

Service Reviews

Encourage two-way feedback for continuous improvement and higher satisfaction.


Quoting and Estimates

Secure jobs faster with quick estimates and attach detailed documents for greater transparency.

Compliance Management

Tailor documentation to your needs, ensure legal adherence and adapt to regulations effortlessly.

Save Time. Reduce Headache. Make Money

Respond to inquiries, quote, track, and complete jobs, invoice customers, and get paid and rated, all from one place!

Field Focus

Where Service Meets Strategy

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Spend Your Time Finding New Business

Automate tasks that don’t add to profits. Provide customers with a service experience they won’t forget. Collect payments while you are still in the van. Track metrics that won’t just let you keep up, but grow!
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