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Compliance Management

Workflow Management

Estimations & Invoice Management

Payment Handling

Powerful Integrations

Scheduling and Dispatching


Project Management

Standard Inventory Management

User Management & Security

Subcontractor Management

Business Profile Management

Publicly display your company portfolio.

Establish clear and concise Policies.

Stay compliant with Industry Standards & Govt Regulations.

Provide your clients with a structured and accessible Menu of Services.

User Management & Security

Increase security with 2FA, and Mobile App Biometric Authentication.

Boost platform security with extra authentication layers.

Enable seamless collaboration by adding Multiple Users.

Control User Permissions and Access Levels.

Franchisee Assignment

Multi-site service control.

Compliance Management

Meet essential legal requirements with Mandatory Checks.

Manage industry standards and requirements.

List Compliance Status for trust and transparency.

Adapt to evolving standards with New Categories.

Handle Regional-specific Compliance seamlessly.

Tailor compliance to your industry's unique needs.

Workforce Management

Save time by Bulk Importing and Exporting employee details.

Stay updated on employee Work Status and Availability.

Maintain a structured and organized workforce.

Streamline Leave Management for efficiency.

Control employee availability for Scheduling and After-hours.

Ensure Account Security by managing and Resetting Passwords as needed.

Customer Management

Simplify customer Database Management with Bulk Import and Export.

Monitor customer Status and Engagement in real-time.

Provide flexible Billing Options for customer satisfaction.

Prioritize VIP customers with Special Tags.

Personalize customer Alerts, enhancing communication and customer service.

Streamline Contact Management within a single profile for efficiency.

Company Notification Management

Customizable Multi-channel Notifications.