Cleaning Business Software

Manage service requests, scheduling, dispatch, tracking, invoicing, payment, and reviews efficiently for your residential or commercial cleaning business. Turn messy schedules into spotlessly coordinated teams and clients with i4T Business Cleaning Software.

Streamline and Optimise your Operations

Time is of the essence in the cleaning industry. Quickly generate precise, customisable quotes with i4T Business Cleaning estimating software, helping you swiftly respond to client needs and lock in more jobs.

Smart Scheduling for Peak Performance

Use real-time GPS tracking to make informed scheduling decisions. Dispatch your cleaners efficiently for both emergency clean-ups and regular bookings, cut downtime, and boost performance.

Seamless Communication Automation

Keep your clients closely informed from the moment they book to the final approval of the job. Automate appointment reminders, job status updates, and invoicing to keep clients happy and reduce no-shows.

Dashboard for Real-Time Insights

Gain a bird’s-eye view of your operations with our intuitive dashboard. Track payments, job progress, and cleaner locations to efficiently manage your resources and respond to new service requests as soon as they land.

Get Ready to Transform Your Cleaning Business

Win more cleaning contracts, increase cleaner productivity, and collect payments faster with home and commercial cleaning software!

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FAQs about i4T Business Cleaning Software

i4T Business allows you to manage multiple cleaning sites efficiently. You can schedule, dispatch, and track cleaners for different locations all from one platform, ensuring every site gets the attention it needs.
Yes, our software sends automated reminders to cleaners and informs clients when a cleaner is on their way, ahead of scheduled appointments. This reduces no-shows by ensuring all parties are reminded of the upcoming service, improving reliability and customer satisfaction.
The software includes basic inventory management features that track cleaning supplies from warehouses. This ensures you never run out of necessary materials and can manage your supply orders efficiently.
Absolutely! Our software includes a customer feedback module that allows you to receive and manage complaints and reviews directly. This helps you respond promptly to issues, improve service quality, and enhance customer relations.
i4T Business helps track cleaner performance, manage schedules, and evaluate job completion details to enhance efficiency and accountability.

Job Management Software for Cleaners

De-clutter your schedule, polish up your quotes, and dust away late payments. Boost your efficiency and customer satisfaction with i4T Business Cleaning Software. Start your free trial today!
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